Welcome to my little Tori Amos site. I started this site as yet another fansite, but during the years it has turned into an artsy site. I know this site isn’t the kind of site like Yessaid or The Velvets are, but this is just my way of saying ‘thank you’ to Tori. I also just like to be creative. So not just ordinary pictures to be found here, cause you can find them in loads of other places. Here you can find (Livejournal) icons, concert pictures I took myself, pictures I played around with and changed and also some wallpapers.

If there’s any comment you would like to make about this site, or if you have any suggestions or find a broken link, feel free to send an email to: icicle[at]xs4all.nl



08/31/2012:This site hasn’t been updated for a while. This is just a note to say I probably won’t update it in the future either anymore. The direction Tori has headed for/to isn’t my direction anymore. I’ll still love her older work to death forever and ever, I just can’t keep up with her more recent work anymore. I’ll keep this site up for as long as I like, but at least another 2 years or so. Just don’t expect any new updates.

01/15: I still have not added new stuff to the site. However, I set up a new photo website the other day and while it’s nothing big yet, wanted to post a link to the site here as well: Photographic Dreams.

03/12: Added 3 pictures to the site.

01/03: Happy New Year. May it be a good one. Hopefully with some new Tori material too ; )

12/25: Happy Holidays everyone!

11/30: added oneĀ icon and oneĀ image to the site.

11/19: added one icon and one image to the site.

11/02: This needed its own space. Samantha Hale made a wonderful video called “Welcome to Amsterdam”. It shows interviews with fans on October 8th, but also footage from the show and m&g. It’s really something you should watch as it’s really nicely done.

10/31: Added two six seven new wallpapers to the site. Some are alterations. Plus also an animated gif from the funny Mr.Zebra performance.

10/29: I have added the animated Tori icons to sub-galleries so they are now easier to search for!

10/28: Screen captures of the Tori videos have now been added to the site as well! Enjoy!

10/27: A total of 200 animated Tori icons have been added to this site. All made by me. The only videos missing are Glory Of The 80’s/ Strange Little Girl/ Sleeps With Butterflies. Maybe one day! I’ll try and post the screen caps of the videos here as well within a day or so. So again: stay tuned!

10/26: I’ve added loads of animated Tori icons to the site. All from official videos (and the odd one from somewhere else). In the next couple of days I will hopefully have uploaded all animated gifs (so far I’ve created them up to Crucify Silent All These Years, and am creating them alphabetically. So stay tuned! Also stay tuned for screen caps from all videos the next couple of days!

10/24: The site has got a new domain. You can now reach the site through both springhaze.com and toriamos.eu!